bridal veil

Whichever wedding veil you choose, make sure the veil do not compete with your wedding dress. The following are some points to ponder about choosing a veil:

1. A corded edge wedding veil or a ribbon edge wedding veil match a variety of dresses because they are simple wedding veils.

2. A corded edge wedding veil gives more structure to a wedding veil because cord edge is more stiff than ribbon edge. Choose the corded edge wedding veil if you’d like your veil to be bigger.

3. A cathedral veil looks the most majestic for a traditional church wedding. Remember the scene when Julie Andrews got married in the Sound of Music? You get the idea.

4. An embellished wedding veil (veils edged with lace, crystals or embroidery) look best with simple wedding dresses. The elaborate veil add sophistication and luxury, though you can match an embellished veil to the embellishments of the dress as well.

5. Remember that you don’t have to wear your wedding veil all through the ceremony and reception. You can take it off during reception if you’d like. Some brides wear theirs all day long. You can also exchange veils by wearing the longer one for the ceremony and a shorter one during the reception.

6. The bigger a veil looks, the cheaper the material is. Soft tulle are flowy fabric, like silk. A veil made from good quality tulle should move easily and fall no bigger than your shoulder. A veil that “blooms” way over your head and shoulder is made of cheap material. You spend a lot of money on your dress, why put a cheap thing on your head?

7. The dry cleaner can help you press your veil. You should never put an iron on a veil – it would ruin it. Wedding veil is made of tulle, in some instance bridal illusion fabric. Bridal illusion fabric is actually a form of nylon, which is plastic. When heated, plastic will melt, and so does the veil. To press a veil, you can iron it over another fabricĀ or steam iron it.

8. In terms of color, if you have a white silk wedding dress, go with light ivory veils. If you have a stark white wedding dress, go with white wedding veils. If you have ivory wedding dress, go with light ivory/ivory veils, depending on the intensity of the ivory color.

9. Some brides think about making their own wedding veil. How do you make a wedding veil? Is it easy to buy some tulle, cut them and attach to a comb, that’s it, right?

If you have good seam-stressing skills, you might try making your own veil, but for the others, it’s easier to buy. The wedding veil company like us are experienced in creating wedding veils and therefore you can be sure that you are getting a good value for your investment.