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Here’s an email we recently received from a professional wedding photographer from He wants to warn about the dangers of trying to skimp on hiring a professional photographer and why you should engage someone who knows his stuff…

It reads:

“I know many couples try to save money on hiring a photographer since they can always get someone to do it for them for free.

A friend or relative with an interest and a good camera is a crappy option… as is getting local students. An experienced photographer should be unobtrusive and know how to handle all situations that occur. A family member or student will not.

As a professional, I follow the rules of the churches… Uncle Bob or some student won’t have as good equipment to capture using natural light, and will probably not understand how to do this… and I’ve seen clergy stop a wedding to chastise someone for flash use… so using someone inexperienced can end up causing embarrassment.

Single use cameras yield pretty crappy results at these things. Do you need photos of putting on the makeup? Maybe not, but some of the most beautiful photos I capture are during the early morning before the craziness starts.

Your wedding photos are not just for you, but for future generations. I wish I had more pictures from my parent’s and grandparent’s weddings. My daughter loves looking at my wedding pictures.

I tell ya what, skip the flowers, invite less people (you won’t be talking to half of them in 10 years anyway) and hire someone decent. And looking at membership associations isn’t necessary… look at their work (more than just some highlights).

Look at recommendations. Experience at a venue is another overrated one… if I show up at a venue, I take 5 minutes and find some great areas for pictures… maybe not what you’ve seen typically done there before, but hey, you’re hiring me for my style.

Also, I’ve got insurance… if I break something at the venue, it’s covered. Does the college guy have that? I’m covered for a million bucks. I’ve got backups. I backup all images. I retouch all images. Articles like this mislead brides into thinking that they can get their wedding photography for cheap.

You’re not talking about wedding photography. You’re talking about snapshots. You can get snapshots for cheap. You get blurry, grainy pictures not suitable for facebook. You want something you’ll care about, you hire a professional. End of story.

Unless you’re having a backyard wedding, you’re spending thousands. Add an extra two thousand and find someone… you may not think you need it now, but you’ll truly regret it when it’s too late. Save money elsewhere… don’t skimp on the photos. And don’t listen to blogs that tell you to.”

We found it particularly interesting and that the points he raised made sense to us. Even though he may have a vested interest in sending us this email, we wanted to get his point across to our readers too.

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