bridezillaToo many bridesmaids are having issues with brides nowadays, especially in days nearing the wedding day. The situation is vice versa. Too many brides are having problems with bridesmaids lately, with meddling mothers-in-law, fiances who do not want to take part of the wedding planning, flakey sisters who says they’d help but always unable to do so.

Oh, the wedding planning problems extend beyond people problems. It goes towards staying within the budget, working with vendors who have problems understanding the bride (although some brides are having problems explaining what they want and sometimes, they don’t even know what they want!).

It goes towards choosing which locations she’d like and making quick decisions in case someone else snaps it before her. It goes towards choosing the right attendants, bands, music, flower girls, wedding favors, wedding colors and 1001 other things. By the time she gets to have to choose honeymoon locations, she just wants to just go some deserted beach and stay in a cottage for a week with her new husband.

But it is her day! Over the years she had been a bridesmaids for at least 5 times and a Maid of Honor 2 times. She had arranged 6 bridal showers, 5 bachelorette parties and went to countless wedding rehearsals.

She had chosen and bought countless bridal shower gifts, paid for travel tickets and accommodations for her friends’ weddings in Atlanta, Florida, NYC and Boston, bought silverware and crystal bowls from her friends’ registries.

She has spent numerous hours accompanying the brides to bridal salons, pouring energies into choosing the right flower arrangements and even baked a wedding cake for her friend once. So expert she is in this wedding tasks, she has become an unpaid wedding planner among her friends.

She had taken numerous days off work to accommodate Friday gatherings before her friends’ wedding, which means she needed to take off the whole day off because the gathering almost always means having full spa service of manicure, pedicure and the whole she-bang.

She has half a closet of bridesmaid dresses and satin shoes to match, which she never wears anymore because she can never trust herself to keep the satin shoes clean, but keeps them nevertheless because they are reminiscent of her family members’ and friends’ happiest days, which she was a big part of.

The point to take back is that there are many people get too caught up in a wedding and let emotions rule over their head. Don’t let this be you. If you need help or advice, go speak to a friend instead of bottling it up.